Hello Sunshine

Can you believe how lucky we are to have this weather, I love that I have these few weeks to make the most of it, I have been fitting my work around bike rides and beach walks. I know I should be 100% focused on The Periwinkle but I just love that we have this scenery on the door step, so before I am committed to the set open hours I am enjoying being a bit naughty and making up for it by working late at night.

Paperwork has been a major factor in my life this week, between business plans, financial forecasts and contracts my brain is starting to freeze over. I think touch wood I am about 95% there with them all, so I can look at the more interesting stuff from now on like group and workshop planning. I have some brilliant names lined up to offer a huge range of crafting courses. Picking the project and the times is so fun, so hard to pick out just one or two from each person though.

I have had more deliveries this week, a few kitchen bits and pieces, functional but not exciting and yarn, exciting and functional. After much deliberation I have committed to a range of yarns that fit into the more affordable price bracket. Meeting with the sales representative in the local pub turned out to be an eye opener, not all cheaper yarns are low quality, in fact I love them, I have some super soft blends and great textures to complete your latest accessories project. I have now ditched my knitting projects in exchange for using one of them for me!  So for those of you looking into my offerings I will be having James C Brett and Designer Yarns on my shelves, assuming I haven’t used it all.

I need to say a big thank you to North Devon Plus who have been wonderful to me, advising me on finances, plans and processes. They have let me attend their enterprise clubs which is a great source of advice and support, this week we were lucky enough to have John from Johnphoto.co.uk along to explain the pros and cons of commercial photography and how to make the most of your products. So much information and advice he is a very knowledgeable man, fingers crossed I can apply it in my future photos !

More to come next week but for now that’s all folks

Crow Point

(Originally posted 17.10.13)


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