Less than a week to go until opening day on the 27th November.

Everything happens at once, I can not believe how quickly things pull together at this point. Everyday seems like a week with the amount that gets done. Even still I am nervous that it wont be perfect by 3.30 doors open next week. I hope you will all be able to see the shop and know it will continue to develop over the next few months.

The 27th is the turning on of the Ilfracombe High Street Christmas Lights. Myself and Lucy from The Cotton Tree next door both aim to be open in the evening for the event and the late night shopping. The excitement of having 2 new shops on Fore Street has been brilliant. We will be opening again on the Sunday for the Fore Street Christmas Market. So a very busy first week for us. I will be offering a few tasters from about 7.30 to keep those late night shoppers going. ( limited number only as I only have the morning to bake so first come first served).

Shop Front

The Periwinkle

My amazing sister has spent the last few days trying to come up with a theme for my window displays, with all the other things going on I somehow forgot that Christmas is so close and had not planned for it. Hurray for big sisters coming to the rescue, she is a wonderfully creative person so I have high hopes for her displays on short notice ­čÖé She will be there on Wednesday so feel free to compliment her.

99% of my stock is now in and I am enjoying using my pricing gun, and organising some of the internal displays, I have 95% of the key utilities in just need to remember the details. This is probably going to be my last blog before the big day, as I am pretty shattered by the time I get home in the evenings. Also I should remind you that I have a website ;

Can’t wait to see you all there, do invite friends and family.



What a reaction ! The brilliant article in the North Devon Journal a few weeks back has had an amazing response, thank you to all the comments, messages and tweets, I will respond to everyone but have been in the shop almost everyday working to get it open.

I also had a great reaction at the Homemade Craft fair at St Annes in Barnstaple. Luckily my mum helped to man the stall whilst I ran back and forward with handymen and advisers. But she has told me of all the wonderful comments received and how excited everyone is.

I can not wait to open, I keep hoping things will pick up and I will be suddenly at the stage of dressing the windows but that is still a long way off. However I have had a great week for moving forward, I have running water ! a massive thank you to Andy and his team for slogging it out yesterday in the poring rain to connect the drain up and having to clamber past everyone else working in the shop. I also now have a coffee machine ! yes I know, there is still no floor but I now have the time to become practiced with this particular machine and train up all my family to help me out┬áon busy day. ­čÖé I have 90% finished the kitchen, all units are up and solid and just awaiting the finishing touches, hopefully to come this week.

So again there will be a bit of a delay between communications whilst I am in the shop, until I get internet in there ­čÖé but I will reply when I get longer free to write. Oh and I should say thank you to Gill and Ali from Miles for spending a full day training us on the coffee machine, and for working around the plumbers, lack of facilities and the┬ánoisy┬ádusty shop.